General Conditions of Sale

The buyer is advised to keep and/or print these conditions.

Article 1 – Application and enforcement of general conditions

Our event agency SPAINEVENT Concept SL, is not bound by any other conditions of sale than those mentioned below unless express agreement, written and signed by one of its duly authorized representatives. Placing an order in any way implies adhering to these conditions without reservation. Any conditions to the contrary which may be stipulated by the buyer in his own general conditions of purchase, in his purchase orders, in his correspondence, are unenforceable and deemed not written to our regard.

The non-validity of any of these provisions shall have no effect on any other legal provisions to the contrary. The buyer undertakes to expressly inform its customers of these clauses and of any changes which are enforceable against them.

The conditions under which these services are performed, in particular the prices applicable, are intended to ensure fair remuneration, in particular to cover the real costs of the service performed under normal conditions of organization, safety, quality, compliance with regulations and in accordance with the provisions of Spanish laws. Thus, transport operations must not under any circumstances be carried out in conditions incompatible with the regulations on working and safety conditions.Moreover, they are under-regulated.processed by a professional carrier meeting the obligations imposed by the European regulations on passenger transport in force.

The information contained in our brochures, catalogues, websites, notices or other documents is for information purposes only and may not be binding on us beyond these general terms and conditions.

Article 2 – Undertaking / cancellation

The contract is deemed to have been concluded only after payment of a deposit acting as security amounting to 50% of the amount of the service reserved TCC at least or the total payment thereof (100%), without prejudice to the right of withdrawal in the case of distance selling

Depending on the payment method chosen, the following conditions apply:

  • Online payment via the automated payment platform with an immediate reservation upon confirmation of payment by bank card according to the new mandatory European standard and authentication and anti-fraud security.


  • Payment by bank transfer: In the case of a bank transfer payment, the customer must ensure that the reserved service is compatible with the verification and collection of the deposit, depending on the bank deadlines, either immediately at the customer's expense) or between 48 and 72h maximum (bank issue fees remain at the customer's expense).

The pre-approval of the reservation is effective upon receipt of the proof of transfer said “executed” and the final validation after collection of the sums due. Any failure to pay will result in immediate cancellation of the reservations concerned, SPAINEVENT Concept SL can in no case be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences associated,

Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:

  • No later than 30 days before the start of the service: €195 in application fees
  • Less than 30 days before the start of the service: 100% of the booking amount will be required by SPAINEVENT Concept SL

Any delay in payment, after formal notice remains without effect, automatically results in the payment of penalties of at least one and a half times the legal rate, as defined in Article L. 441-6 of the French Commercial Code, without prejudice to the compensation, under ordinary law, any other damage resulting from the delay.

The total or partial non-payment of an invoice at a single due date implies, without formality, the forfeiture of the term resulting in the immediate payment due, without formal notice, of all sums due, even in the future, on the date of This default and authorizes SPAINEVENT Concept SL to require cash payment before the execution of any new transaction.

Article 3 – Quotation / Price / Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, our price commitments are valid for 30 days, after which they remain subject to changes in operating costs. A price increase compared to the estimate being exceptional, however, it would be justified by concrete economic or legal elements.

The balance of the benefit is due from the beginning of the benefit either by CB (according to deposit already paid by transfer or line payment) or in cash up to €999 legal maximum. In case of non-payment, the service will not be performed and directly cancelled. Under no circumstances will this entitle the repayment of the deposit, or compensation and will result in the immediate application of the cancellation fees due under    Article 2.

Mileage and time are counted from the customer's scheduled pick-up location and time to the final destination. Any time and/or mileage overruns not provided for in the initial quote will be added to the final invoice.

Any overrun of time is subject to the approval of the driver affiliated with the subcontracting transport company, depending on the current service and/or the regulations on driving hours and/or airport parking conditions. Any time started is due in the case of a delay of more than 30 minutes on the scheduled end time and if the delay is the responsibility of the customer (the additional hour is set at the price of €290 TTC)

Section 4 – Bus Characteristics

SPAINEVENT Concept SL is committed to the contracted carrier:

  • The good working condition of the vehicle in all respects in compliance with current regulatory technical requirements.
  • To adapt and optimize the distance to be covered according to the service requested or chosen by the client and to ensure the comfort and safety of the group transported.

However, the driver remains the only person authorized to decide on the circuit or route to take, which may vary depending on the state of the traffic but especially on the accessibility of the bus, to guarantee the safety of the people transported and the vehicle.

Article 5: Degradation and Cleaning Costs

Any degradation of equipment during service will be charged. Damage to the interior equipment or other damage to the vehicle or other vehicles shall be borne by the customer who has reserved the service, the latter accepting responsibility for himself and the entire group previously constituted.

In case of significant degradation(s) observed during or the end of the service, SPAINEVENT Concept SL and the subcontracting transport company, reserve the right to claim compensation after a written recognition of the damage caused(s), before the departure of the group and may require the deposit of €2000 per CB or in cash.

In case of abnormal cleaning of the vehicle (Ex: voluntary projection of liquid, vomit, etc.) a flat fee of €300.00 will be charged to you on the spot aboard the bus, to be paid immediately either by CB or in cash..

Article 6: Safety on Board

Any person who is clearly intoxicated will be refused access to the vehicle by the driver, the only person in control of the decision of manifest intoxication of the passengers. In addition, it is recalled that public intoxication is an offence. Passengers who are visibly intoxicated or who have disturbed or violent behavior will cause the service to stop immediately without any possibility of reimbursement. No alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages can be brought on board the bus. Only drinks included in the service or ordered on our website may be served on board

Article 7: Restitution of the surety

If a deposit is requested by SPAINEVENT Concept SL, it must be paid by the customer at the time of booking and is intended to guarantee any default of payment or any damage found, which could be caused during the service by the customer.

If the condition of the vehicle is satisfactory, the amount of the deposit will be returned or canceled in its entirety between 1 to 30 days maximum (taking into account the intra-bank delays for certain payment cards).

In case of degradation of the leased property, loss of objects, or any other damage falling under the responsibility of the customer under these general conditions of sale, the refund of the deposit may be deferred until the payment of the corresponding costs by the customer.

Article 8 – Responsibilities

Prior to any transport, the buyer undertakes to expressly inform the transported persons of these provisions.

The vehicle operated by the carrier (under contract) is insured in civil liability towards the passengers transported.

SPAINEVENT Concept SL is responsible for the safety of the transport through its subcontractor including during each climb and descent of the passengers from the coach. The bus driver will take the necessary safety measures and, if necessary, give instructions to the passengers, who are obliged to respect them or they would in fact incur their own liability. Stops will be left at the initiative of the carrier or driver to meet the obligations of safety and compliance with social regulations relating to driving and rest times of drivers, or for other needs..

SPAINEVENT Concept SL, is committed to implementing the necessary means to  overcome

à any internal technical incidents or unforeseen events related solely to the operation of its activity and to remedy them to the extent possible and within its means. The arrival times on the documents give time indications on average but are not part of the contract of carriage, none of these hours is guaranteed but undertakes to do its best to transport the customer or passengers and their baggage with due diligence.

However, SPAINEVENT Concept SL relieves itself of all responsibilities, in cases of incidental events or exceptional external events that could be caused by: a significant disturbance of road traffic, a mandatory deviation resulting in an inappropriate modification of the route, a ban on driving, serious road accidents, public demonstrations disrupted but also any weather conditions posing a danger to car traffic (heavy snow, ice, flooding, landslides, etc.), of an alteration in the health status of the driving staff preventing the conduct, of a staff strike movement, of a riot, of a state of war, a requisition of the vehicle or even in the event of an epidemic or bacteriological pandemic and reserves the right to interrupt the current service or service without the customer being able to demand the full or partial refund of his reservation.

SPAINEVENT Concept SL, reserves the right for it or its subcontractor to refuse transport, to disembark a passenger, when following a reasonable assessment, this decision appears necessary for safety reasons or when the passenger's mental or physical behavior is such that it creates discomfort or presents a danger to another passenger.

SPAINEVENT Concept SL, may not be held responsible for damage suffered by a passenger in connection with the carriage and which would be the indirect consequence of a state, age, physical or mental condition that poses a risk to him. This will be the case in particular in the event of illness or incapacity of which the passenger would become a victim or of aggravation of his condition.

The public broadcast on a bus of musical, cinematographic, television or personal recordings must be the subject of a prior declaration and be authorized by the copyright holders.

Article 9 – Baggage

Under no circumstances is SPAINEVENT Concept or its subcontractor liable for damages and incidents as well as theft or damage of carry-on baggage in the vehicle operated for the requested service.

At the end of the transport, the customer or passengers are obliged to ensure that nothing is forgotten on the bus, the carrier declines any responsibility in case of deterioration or theft of anything that could be left on the bus or hotels during the journey.

Article 10 – In-service event or incident

If, during the performance of the service, an event or incident occurs and renders impossible the performance of all or part of this service under the conditions initially provided for in the contract, SPAINEVENT Concept SL shall, as soon as possible, measures to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. At the same time, he takes the order of the principal to ask him for his instructions as to the continuation of the service.

If the event or incident is attributable to the carrier, the ordering party may claim, in the event of proven damage, compensation which, unless the ordering party stated in Article 3, may not exceed the cost of the carriage or the reserved service.

If the event or incident is attributable to the principal, the latter assumes the financial consequences within the limit of the transport price.

If the event or incident is due to force majeure:

– additional transport costs are borne by SPAINEVENT Concept SL

– additional costs other than transport are borne by the customer.

– additional time does not result in compensation.

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